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Fellowship Program

The Associated Retina Consultants Fellowship Program is comprised of in-depth clinical training alongside our globally recognized team of physicians, experience with diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, surgical experience, research and scholarly activities (i.e. publication of original research, presentation at professional and scientific society meetings, etc.) to provide the fellow with advanced training in the diagnosis and management of medical and surgical disorders of the retina and vitreous.

ARC Fellowship Program Prerequisites

  • Completed accredited US residency or equivalent
  • Eligible for AZ license
  • Cover letter
  • CV
  • Personal statement
  • 3 letters of recommendation

First Year Fellowship Experience

The ARC first year fellow will experience comprehensive medical retinal training related to examination techniques, injections therapies, imaging techniques & interpretations and various laser treatments (including photodynamic therapy (PDT), micropulse laser and transpupillary thermotherapy (TTT) as applicable in patient care).

Medical retina training will be provided by a variety of faculty members serving a diverse patient population in the Phoenix area. Involvement in the care of patients with inherited retinal diseases and intraocular tumors is provided. Exposure to comprehensive electrophysiologic testing is provided (including ERG, mERG, VEP, perimetry, genetic testing/counseling, etc.).

In addition to complete medical retina training, the first year fellow can expect to participate weekly in a variety of surgical retinal procedures and cases. Surgical opportunities are provided in the private ASC setting as well as in the hospital-based operating room at Maricopa Integrated Health System. Again, a variety of faculty members will be involved with the surgical education of our first year fellows. Direct supervision and guidance is provided to ensure that each surgical experience provides detailed feedback and assistance to the fellow.

Please visit to apply through the Central Application Service. For more information about ARC’s Fellowship Program, contact Patty Baeza at (602) 242-4928 Ext. 114 or by email at

Second Year Fellowship Experience

The ARC second year fellow will largely build on the surgical experiences of their first year and progress toward more advance vitreo-retinal techniques and case selection.

As the first year experience has provided such comprehensive medical training, the second year experience is mostly surgical. Medical training will continue through a fellow-oriented medical retina clinic at Maricopa Integrated Health System and will serve as an opportunity for the fellow to establish their own practice patterns while still receiving the support and available guidance of faculty members in the clinic.

Surgical experience will again occur in the private ASC setting with one half-day of surgery time in the operating room at Maricopa Integrated Health System. All surgical cases involve an ARC faculty member and again are fully supervised in order to provide the fellow with appropriate feedback.

A diverse faculty and patient population will provide a wide range of surgical cases. The second year fellow can expect to be exposed to and master surgical cases such as:

  • Macular hole/epiretinal membrane surgery
  • Scleral buckling techniques
  • Complex retinal detachment & PVR treatment
  • Fixation techniques for secondary IOL placement
  • Retained lens material/Lensectomy techniques
  • IOL dislocation
  • Pediatric retinal surgery & ROP surgery (as applicable)
  • Plaque brachytherapy surgery
  • Trans-scleral choroidal biopsy
  • Complex diabetic retinopathy surgery
  • Tractional retinal detachment repair
  • Intraocular foreign body management
  • Management of post-traumatic vitreo-retinal injury
  • Pneumatic retinopexy

The second year fellow will receive comprehensive pediatric retinal surgery training and training in the treatment of intraocular tumors is available to incorporate into their broad surgical training.

By the completion of the second year, our fellows will have received the necessary medical and surgical training in order to function as a highly effective medical clinician and skilled vitreo-retinal surgeon. Our fellows have entered practice in the private setting and the academic realm; succeeding in either environment.

Please visit to apply through the Central Application Service. For more information about ARC’s Fellowship Program, contact Patty Baeza at (602) 242-4928 Ext. 114 or by email at

Fellow Research Initiative

Both the first and second year fellows will be involved in research projects.

ARC participates in numerous nationwide clinical trials in retinal diseases which will allow for each fellow to experience how these trials function during their 2 years with us.

In addition to clinical trial exposure, our fellows will be involved in institutional (ARC) research, case reporting and participating/presentation at national retinal meetings.

Fellows can expect to seek multiple publications during their 2 year fellowship. By the end of the fellowship, it is expected that 1 major project set for peer-reviewed publication will be completed in an impactful topic to either medical or surgical retinal disease and treatment.

Like the rest of their training, our research training is fully supported by ARC faculty members and our entire ARC research department. Assistance with data collection, data processing, biostatistics and other associated needs are all available to our fellows in order to facilitate their various projects.

Please visit to apply through the Central Application Service. For more information about ARC’s Fellowship Program, contact Patty Baeza at (602) 242-4928 Ext. 114 or by email at

Arizona Living

As one of the largest cities in the U.S., Phoenix and the surrounding Valley area offers everything a major metropolitan area possible can. From an ever-growing dining scene to performing arts, endless parks and every major professional sports team, there are activities to match the interests of anyone.

Unlike many major metro areas, the cost of living has not become restrictive here in Phoenix. Throughout the various neighborhoods of the Phoenix-Scottsdale area there are a variety of housing options to suit the needs of any resident.

With year-round weather allowing for outdoor activities, the Phoenix Valley is full of hiking, biking and jogging paths. Within the city limits, numerous mountain parks offer great hiking including the ever-popular Camelback Mountain.

For even more outdoor adventures, short drives to Sedona, Flagstaff and other cities allow those who live in Phoenix to explore true mountain nature. In the winter months, Flagstaff and Show Low offer mountain skiing just a few hours away. With our weather and mountain altitude in northern Arizona, you can go from water skiing to downhill skiing without ever leaving the state.

In short, you’ll find that Phoenix has something to offer everyone throughout the entire year. Spring training baseball, trips to the many lakes for boating and water sports, major Broadway shows and restaurant week are just a few more examples of events occurring throughout the year. There’s a reason why our area is a prime tourist destination and why our metro area continues to expand each and every year.


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