Fellowship Program

Welcome to the ARC 2-year AUPO Accredited Surgical Retina Fellowship

Thank you for your interest in the Associated Retina Consultants (ARC) vitreo-retinal surgery fellowship. You will find that our 2-year, AUPO accredited surgical fellowship provides the highest level of medical and surgical training across all facets of vitreo-retinal disease and treatment. Our fellows receive truly comprehensive training and well prepared to succeed in positions in the private practice setting and the academic environment.

Our faculty work diligently to ensure that each fellow’s training experience is tailored to their needs throughout the 2-year experience. The faculty actively seek ongoing feedback from each fellow, regarding their training, so that we the faculty are constantly improving as well. By working as a training team, the faculty and fellows combine to create a collegial environment focused on education and progress.

We also have a strong research department at ARC and the faculty are always looking for opportunities for our fellows to participate in the national clinical trials that are ongoing at ARC. Institutional-based research will also be a component to the fellowship experience under the guidance of faculty members.

In short, the ARC fellowship offers robust medical and surgical training with highly skilled vitreo-retinal specialists. At ARC, subjects like pediatric retinal surgery, inherited retinal diseases, uveitis, and intraocular malignancies are routine conditions we evaluate and treat. This kind of diverse pathology and experience enriches each fellow’s experience greatly.

Each year we look forward to the application period and meeting the next generation of retinal specialists. We look forward to meeting the new applicants soon and having the opportunity to show, in person, the high quality facilities ACR has to offer.

Should you have further questions, do not hesitate to contact us. We are always happy to answer any questions about our fellowship that you may have.

Please visit www.sfmatch.org to apply through the Central Application Service. For more information about ARC’s Fellowship Program, contact Patty Baeza at (602) 242-4928 Ext. 114 or by email at PattyB@associatedretina.com.