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Fellow Research Initiative

Both the first and second year fellows will be involved in research projects.

ARC participates in numerous nationwide clinical trials in retinal diseases which will allow for each fellow to experience how these trials function during their 2 years with us.

In addition to clinical trial exposure, our fellows will be involved in institutional (ARC) research, case reporting and participating/presentation at national retinal meetings.

Fellows can expect to seek multiple publications during their 2 year fellowship. By the end of the fellowship, it is expected that 1 major project set for peer-reviewed publication will be completed in an impactful topic to either medical or surgical retinal disease and treatment.

Like the rest of their training, our research training is fully supported by ARC faculty members and our entire ARC research department. Assistance with data collection, data processing, biostatistics and other associated needs are all available to our fellows in order to facilitate their various projects.

Please visit to apply through the Central Application Service. For more information about ARC’s Fellowship Program, contact Patty Baeza at (602) 242-4928 Ext. 114 or by email at


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