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What Are The Warning Signs of a Detached Retina?

Knowing the warning signs of a detached retina could save your vision. Retinal detachments or retinal tears can cause permanent vision loss or blindness, so it is important to treat signs and symptoms as a medical emergency and seek help immediately. The retina is the thin layer of tissue at the back of the eye that senses light and signals the brain to interpret the images that you see. 

Because the retina is essential to vision, it is important to be aware of any signs or symptoms relating to a decrease or change in its function. The early warning sign of a detached retina is flashing or streaks of light in split second or every few second intervals, like a camera flash. These flashes usually occur in the peripheral vision. The flashing is a sign the vitreous, gel-like substance that fills the eye, is simultaneously shrinking and pulling on the retina causing it to either tear or detach. Floaters, tiny specks that float through the field of vision, are another common sign of a detached retina. Normal floaters do not change much over time and do not usually affect. However, floaters brought on by a detached retina, will be sudden. If the retina is torn or detached, those floaters could in fact be red blood cells or pigment cells. 

Other warning signs of a detached retina include blurred vision, a gradual decrease to peripheral vision, and a gray or dark curtain-like shadow over the field of vision. Retinal detachments usually occur due to natural aging or eye injury. You may be at higher risk for a detached retina you meet any of the following criteria: you or a family member have had a retinal detachment previously, you have had a previous eye surgery, diabetic retinopathy, extreme myopia, posterior vitreous detachment, or certain eye diseases relating to separation of or thinning of the retina. 

The warning signs of a detached retina can be diagnosed by an ophthalmologist with a comprehensive, dilated eye exam. Associated Retina Consultants is dedicated to personalized care with state-of-the-art technology. Our physicians are board-certified and trained in the treatment of retinal diseases and other eye conditions. Schedule your appointment today to learn more about the warning signs of a detached retina and what other signs to be aware of to preserve your vision. Call today at 602-242-4928 or visit online at WEBSITE.

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