Glaucoma Signs and Symptoms featured image

Glaucoma Signs and Symptoms

Do you know if you have glaucoma? Glaucoma can affect anyone, but most often occurs in men and women over the age of 40.


October 28, 2018

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Dry Eye and Glaucoma featured image

Dry Eye and Glaucoma

Dry eye and glaucoma commonly occur together. As people age, dry eye syndrome becomes more common, just as glaucoma does. Studies suggest that 40% to…


October 21, 2018

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Types of Eye Doctors featured image

Types of Eye Doctors

Choosing an eye doctor is an important health care decision. After all, you will be trusting your eye doctor to safeguard your precious sense of…


October 14, 2018

Diabetic Eye Disease featured image

Diabetic Eye Disease

Diabetic eye disease refers to a group of eye problems that people with diabetes may face as a complication of this disease. All can cause…


October 7, 2018

Eye Protection featured image

Eye Protection

Your eyes are valuable and worth protecting! Failure to follow proper eye protection practices can result in injury, infection, eye disease and even loss of…


September 30, 2018

Eye Care Tips featured image

Eye Care Tips

Our eyes are the windows through which we view the world around us. Given the important role that our eyes play in our daily lives,…


September 23, 2018

Annual Eye Exam featured image

Annual Eye Exam

Many people wait until they notice a change in their vision to see their eye doctor. But eye problems are often silent – meaning they…


September 16, 2018

Glaucoma and High Blood Pressure featured image

Glaucoma and High Blood Pressure

To understand the connection between glaucoma and high blood pressure, it’s important to find out what these two conditions are. Glaucoma is a type…


September 9, 2018

What is Considered Routine Eye Care? featured image

What is Considered Routine Eye Care?

At Associated Retina Consultants in Phoenix, we work to provide you with the best eye health and strongest vision possible. Recognizing that eyes change over…


September 2, 2018

Macular Hole Symptoms featured image

Macular Hole Symptoms

A macular hole is a small hole in the central part of the retina which can lead to distortion and blurring of central vision. The eye…


August 26, 2018