Macular Degeneration – Wet associated image

Macular Degeneration – Wet

Macular degeneration is a chronic eye disease that causes blurred vision or a blind spot in your visual field due to damage to the macula of the eye. There are two types of macular degeneration classified as wet and dry. Dry macular degeneration is the most common and least severe…

Published: July 15, 2018

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How to Detect Eyesight Problems Early On associated image

How to Detect Eyesight Problems Early On

Eyesight problem is a broad term used to describe any imperfection in the ability to see. It can refer to a variety of vision issues. The most common eye problems are nearsightedness (myopia), farsightedness (hyperopia), astigmatism and presbyopia. These eyesight problems are due to an error in refraction – the…

Published: July 8, 2018

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How Does the Human Retina Work? associated image

How Does the Human Retina Work?

The first step in the process of vision is the conversion of light into signals that can be interpreted in the brain. This takes place in the retina, which is located in the back of the eye. The retina is the sensory membrane that lines the inner surface of the…

Published: July 1, 2018

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Macular Degeneration – Dry associated image

Macular Degeneration – Dry

Macular degeneration is a condition that affects the central part of the retina and results in distortion or loss of central vision. It commonly occurs in older adults and is often referred to as age-related macular degeneration. There are two type of age-related macular degeneration: wet and dry. Dry macular…

Published: June 24, 2018

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What is Macular Edema? associated image

What is Macular Edema?

Macular edema is a swelling or thickening of the eye’s macula, the part of the eye responsible for detailed, central vision. The macula is a very small area at the center of the retina—a thin layer of light-sensitive tissue that lines the back of the eye. Light rays are…

Published: June 17, 2018

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Diabetic Eye Disease Treatment associated image

Diabetic Eye Disease Treatment

Diabetic eye disease is a group of eye conditions that can affect people with diabetes. While diabetic eye disease may not always be preventable, early detection and treatment, before significant vision loss or blindness, is the best way to control diabetic eye disease. Diabetic eye disease treatment depends on the…

Published: June 10, 2018

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Dr. Marc F. Comaratta, ARC Fellow

Dr. Marc F. Comaratta was born in Buffalo, New York and lived there for most of his life. Following in the footsteps of both his dad and his aunt before him, he earned his BA at Saint Lawrence University and then returned home to complete his MD at the University…

Published: June 6, 2018

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Dr. Yousef Jorge Cruz-Inigo, ARC Fellow

Yousef Jorge Cruz-Inigo grew up in Puerto Rico on the western coast of the island in the Mayagüez Municipality. Growing up playing basketball and other sports with his childhood friend and current NBA star JJ Barea, he learned the importance of being a team player early in life, while his…

Published: June 6, 2018

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What is Macular Disease? associated image

What is Macular Disease?

Macular disease is any disease or degeneration of cells in the macula of the eye. The macula is the center part of the retina which is responsible for our straight ahead and sharp, detailed vision. Macular disease results in a gradual loss of sharp, detailed and central vision. Usually the…

Published: June 3, 2018

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The Macula of the Human Eye associated image

The Macula of the Human Eye

The macula, macula lutea, is the small, yellowish central portion of the retina of the human eye. The macula is the most active part of the eye and processes the light signals that allow us to do fine work. It is responsible for sharp, clear central vision and the ability…

Published: May 27, 2018

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