Benefits of a Retinal Exam associated image

Benefits of a Retinal Exam

A healthy retina is essential to maintaining clear vision and overall eye function. A retinal examination allows your doctor to evaluate the back of your eye including the retina, the optic disk and the underlying layer of blood vessels that nourish the retina (choroid). During a retinal exam in…

Published: May 20, 2018

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What Causes Retinal Tears and Detachments? associated image

What Causes Retinal Tears and Detachments?

Retinal tears and detachments occur when the retina (the inner lining of the eye) is damaged. The retina is the thin layer of light-sensing nerve cells lining the inside back of your eye. It converts light rays into signals which are sent through the optic nerve to your brain where…

Published: May 13, 2018

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Corrective Lenses associated image

Corrective Lenses

A corrective lens is a lens worn in front of or on the eye, mainly used to treat refractive errors such as myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism and presbyopia. Corrective lenses are designed to help your eyes to focus light properly onto your retina so that you can see clearly. This is…

Published: May 6, 2018

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Vision Over 60 associated image

Vision Over 60

As we age, our vision begins to deteriorate. Proper health and eye care are essential to long-lasting vision success. For those over age 60, it is especially beneficial to understand how to properly care for your eyes to ensure the best possible vision as you get older. There are several…

Published: April 29, 2018

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How to Detect a Torn or Detached Retina associated image

How to Detect a Torn or Detached Retina

A retinal detachment occurs when the retina (a nerve layer that lines the back wall of the eye) separates from the back of the eye. It is usually due to a tear in the retina which can happen because of an inherent weakness, trauma or the vitreous gel pulling a…

Published: April 22, 2018

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Another “Top Doc” Recognition for ARC

“Top Doc” Recognition Associated Retina Consultants (ARC)is pleased to announce that another member of their team has been recognized as a “Top Doc”.  Over the years, the stellar team of physicians has received numerous recognition’s for their expertise and dedication to saving eyesight. Dr. Rahul Reddy, Phoenix…

Published: April 17, 2018

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When to Have an Eye Exam associated image

When to Have an Eye Exam

Unlike going to the dentist, it’s generally not necessary to see your eye doctor every 6 months for an eye exam. Typically, having a comprehensive eye exam every 1-2 years will ensure that your eyes stay healthy and your vision remains sharp. Some patients, such as those with medical conditions…

Published: April 15, 2018

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Digital Eye Strain associated image

Digital Eye Strain

Phones, computers, televisions – our lives are filled with screens and staring at them for too long can cause a condition known as digital eye strain. Digital eye strain is a collection of vision-related problems, including blurred vision and dry eyes, caused by extended screen time. Today, more and more…

Published: April 8, 2018

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Spring Allergies and Eye Care associated image

Spring Allergies and Eye Care

For many people, the arrival of spring is a highly-anticipated event. The warmer weather and blooming plants are a welcome change to the chilly winter just endured. While most are happy when spring arrives, for the millions who suffer from seasonal allergies, spring can be a bothersome time. Allergy sufferers…

Published: April 1, 2018

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Glaucoma Surgery Recovery associated image

Glaucoma Surgery Recovery

Glaucoma is a term used for a group of eye conditions that cause damage to the optic nerve due to an increase in intraocular pressure. If left untreated, glaucoma can cause complete vision loss. When drug therapies and medications fail or are inappropriate, surgical treatment may be required. There are…

Published: March 25, 2018

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