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Diabetic Eye Problems

Diabetic Eye Care.jpgDiabetics have particular concerns when it comes to vision care.  To avoid eye problems, it is particularly important that diabetics have regular vision checks with their ophthalmologist. 

High blood sugar can cause diabetics to experience blurry vision.  Some people with diabetic eye problems react to their problems with vision by purchasing eye glasses but this is not the recommended solution.  It is important to get blood sugar levels to within normal ranges to get vision back to normal.  Blurry vision can be an indicator of other eye problems and should not be overlooked or only addressed with eye glasses among diabetics.

Glaucoma, retinopathy and cataracts can all be common problems with diabetics.  Diabetic retinopathy can be particularly serious, and left untreated can cause permanent vision loss.  Symptoms can be unnoticeable at first or small “floaters” can appear. 

The experts at Associated Retina Consultants in Phoenix can discuss your diabetic eye problems with you.  Please call our office for a consultation.

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