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Dilated Eye Exams Can Identify “Silent” Eye Cancer

Associated Retina Consultants’ own Dr. Matthew Welch recently appeared on the Channel 12 Arizona Midday show to raise awareness of diagnosing eye tumors though dilated eye exams. Eye cancer can be the result of a cancer located somewhere else on the body and spreading to the eye (metastatic disease which is the most common) or eye cancer can originate in the eye as a result of melanoma. Likewise, a tumor originating in the eye can spread to other parts of the body.

Unfortunately, eye cancer often goes undiagnosed because there are no early symptoms – until the tumor grows large or the patient develops other problems like a retinal detachment. The very best way to identify this often “silent” disease is through a comprehensive, dilated eye exam. Once identified, customized treatment options can be discussed in depth.

Watch Dr. Welch’s complete interview on Arizona Midday by clicking here:


Dr. Welch is a board certified ophthalmologist in Arizona who specializes in:

  • Identification and treatment of eye cancers
  • Macular degeneration
  • Diabetic eye disease
  • Retinal detachment and surgery
  • Macular hole and macular pucker surgery
  • Pediatric retinal disease and surgery
  • Uveitis, ocular inflammation
  • Choroidal melanoma treatment

If you have not had a dilated eye exam in Arizona for some time, make it a priority to schedule an appointment and stay proactive with your eye health. Contact Associated Retina Consultants today at (602) 242-4928.

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