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Genetic Retina Experience


Please allow two to four hours for your appointment. This time includes your initial vision and eye pressure check, electrophysiology or visual function testing (most patients undergo two to four tests) and imaging of the retina.

Examination and consultation with Dr. Bakall will be scheduled on a different day, allowing for analysis and interpretation of the performed tests.


Several of the tests require correction with glasses. Please bring your glasses (both distance and reading) with you to the appointment. If you have recently had an evaluation for new glasses and have a paper prescription, please bring that as well.

We encourage you to bring any relevant medical records, including copies of chart notes from relevant eye examinations, visual fields, ERGs, and genetic testing results.

As part of your visit for an inherited retinal disease, we will take a detailed family history and construct a family tree. You may wish to contact your family ahead of time to get the names, ages and family history of relevant retinal diseases.


Your eyes may be dilated as part of the exam and your near vision may stay blurred for hours after the visit. It is generally recommended that patients do not drive until the effects of pupil dilation have subsided. These effects include blurry vision, increased glare, increased light sensitivity and difficulty reading within arm’s length. It should be okay to return to an indoor job, unless close-up visual tasks are a critical part of the work. Swimming is discouraged for the remainder of the day, and contact lens wearers should wear glasses for the rest of the day.


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