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Ocular Trauma Classification

Ocular Emergencies.jpgEye injuries, or ocular trauma, occur to over two million people a year.    Ocular trauma can include ruptured globes and corneal lacerations that may require surgical reconstruction.  Though these types of injuries may be rare, they can have severe impact on the patients affected.

When an ocular trauma is first evaluated, the doctor will diagnose the nature and extent of the injury.  They will:

  • Check visual acuity
  • Determine what is injured
  • Check to see whether or not the globe is injured

Treatment of the trauma depends on the nature and extent of the injury.  Factors influencing treatment include: injury to the globe itself; compartment syndrome; optic nerve injury; bony injury; foreign bodies in the orbit; and injury to the eyelids.

Though rare, ocular trauma can have severe consequences.  If you or someone you know has experienced ocular trauma, please call Associated Retina Consultants in Phoenix at 602-242-4928 or

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