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Schedule Your Diabetic Retinal Exam Today

Diabetic Retinal Exam.jpgOver 25 million Americans suffer from diabetes.  People suffering from diabetes are at increased risk of vision loss. There are many eye diseases directly linked to diabetes, like diabetic retinopathy. Annual diabetic retinal exams that include dilation are an important part of making sure that the disease is being controlled.

The retina provides unique access, allowing doctors to see nerves and vasculatures.  Micro aneurysms can be detected in the retina.  The retina in the eye has a blood supply very similar to the kidneys. Diabetes can damage the retina’s microvasculature and cause the arterioles to leak.  If a problem is occurring in the retina, it may indicate a problem in the kidneys or extremities as well.

To schedule your annual diabetic retinal exam, please contact Associated Retina Consultants in Phoenix for an appointment.  Many diabetes-related eye conditions can be treated to some extent but ignoring your diabetic eye health can lead to permanent vision loss. Your eye exam is a great way to keep this from happening.

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