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It is with heavy hearts that we announce the passing of Dr. Rahul Reddy. Click here to read more Patient Portal Career Center (602) 242-4928

What Are the Symptoms of a Damaged Retina?

If you’ve noticed any changes in your vision recently, you may be concerned about knowing the symptoms of a damaged retina. Retinal damage is the leading cause of macular degeneration, affecting nearly 11 million people in the United States every year. Common retinal diseases include macular degeneration, macular hole, retinal tear, retinal detachment, diabetic retinopathy and retinoblastoma. Risk factors for retinal damage are age, smoking, obesity, diabetes, significant nearsightedness, eye trauma and a family history of retinal diseases. Steroid use, chronic stress, drug misuse, heart disease or circulatory issues can also contribute to retinal damage. 

The most critical symptoms of a damaged retina are:

  • Dim or darkening vision
  • Distorted vision or double vision
  • Floating webs
  • Flashes or flickers of lights
  • Halos appear around light sources
  • Shadow or curtain growing over vision
  • Peripheral shadows
  • Developing a blind spot
  • Scratchy pain on the eye’s surface
  • Narrowed field of vision
  • Swelling

Although there are many symptoms of a damaged retina, pain is not usually one of them. Retinal damage is gradual. However, any damage done is permanent and left untreated could result in total vision loss. The retina is the light-sensitive tissue that lines the inner surface of the eyeball. It contains over 100 million tiny photoreceptor cells that convert light energy into nerve signals. These signals are received by the visual part of the brain through the optic nerve creating the sense of sight. The tissue holding the retina in place, known as the choroid, supplies blood and nourishment to the retina to keep it functioning properly. When the retina detaches from the choroid, the photoreceptor cells die from blood loss, affecting your vision. 

It is critical that you schedule an eye exam as soon as you notice symptoms of retinal detachment to avoid vision loss. The symptoms of a damaged retina can be classified as a medical emergency so when in doubt, err on the side of caution for the sake of your vision and contact your ophthalmologist right away. Associated Retina Consultants will provide you with a dilated eye exam and answer all your questions regarding the symptoms of a damaged retina and treatment options. For more information or to schedule a routine appointment, visit WEBSITE. If you are concerned that you may experiencing retinal detachment, promptly call 602-242-4928 or seek medical treatment at the nearest emergency room.